Origen Testers (0.51.1)


This origen gem provides tester models to drive ATE type testers like the J750, UltraFLEX, V93K.

How To Import

In your Gemfile add:

gem "origen_testers", ">= 0.51.1"

or if your application is a gem add this to your .gemspec

spec.add_runtime_dependency "origen_testers", ">= 0.51.1"

How To Use

To use a tester, instantiate it in the current environment file:

# environment/j750.rb
tester = OrigenTesters::J750.new

Tester programs and patterns can easily be generated for different testers simply by changing the above instantiation.

How To Setup a Development Environment

Clone the repository from Github.

Follow the instructions here if you want to make a 3rd party app workspace use your development copy of the OrigenTesters plugin: Setting up a Plugin Development Environment

This plugin also contains a test suite, makes sure this passes before committing any changes!

origen test