Tag: v0.8.0

Branch: ‘master’
by Daniel Hadad on 01-Sep-2015 09:37AM

First official as origen_nexus.

Tag: v0.6.0.pre6

Branch: ‘Trunk’
by Jiang Liu on 10-Aug-2015 16:58PM
  • Updated the approved directory to reflect the changes to the self-test coverage introduced in pre5

Tag: v0.6.0.pre5

Branch: ‘Trunk’
by Jiang Liu on 10-Aug-2015 16:55PM
  • Added capture capability when the location read is not a register.
  • Added care on output (tdo) so that the interface to do this is not required at the application level.
  • Added test cases for capture and care on read output to the 64bit block operation pattern.

Tag: v0.6.0.pre4

Branch: ‘Trunk’
by Jiang Liu on 07-Aug-2015 17:09PM
  • Added 64 bit, 16bit and 8bit write support.
  • Added new test case pattern for 64 bit write read.

Tag: v0.6.0.pre3

Branch: ‘Trunk’
by Jiang Liu on 01-Apr-2015 10:36AM

Added cpuscr register definition as well as go+exit instruction for allowing exit of cpu debug mode and kick off code execution from a user specified address location.

Tag: v0.6.0.pre2

Branch: ‘Trunk’
by Jiang Liu on 17-Feb-2015 09:40AM

added an option to allow the user to disable the automatic enable_nexus_access.

Tag: v0.6.0.pre1

Branch: ‘Trunk’
by Jiang Liu on 12-Feb-2015 18:32PM

fixed nexus read bug where the address passed in would be confused with the address of :rwd

Tag: v0.6.0.pre0

Branch: ‘Trunk’
by Jiang Liu on 06-Feb-2015 14:56PM

added additional overlay flexibility

Tag: v0.5.1

Branch: ‘Trunk’
by Daniel Hadad on 11-Dec-2014 13:41PM

Rename gem to ‘rgen_nexus’ as there were conflicts with public gem named ‘nexus’. Added code (commented out) to permit using local/unreleased gem.

Tag: v0.5.0

Branch: ‘Trunk’
by Daniel Hadad on 05-Dec-2014 15:17PM

Updated to be a gem, per rgen 2.4.0 upgrade.

Tag: v0.4.0

Branch: ‘Trunk’
by Daniel Hadad on 08-Apr-2014 15:36PM

Added methods write_data_only and read_data_only to make easier to create data-cycle-only subroutines for overlay purposes. Updated overlay labels used for PortA overlays to differentiate from entire register overlays.

Tag: v0.3.0

Branch: ‘Trunk’
by Daniel Hadad on 14-Mar-2014 17:25PM

Added tdo_store_cycle NEXUS_CONFIG option to permit specifying which vector to store in multi-cycle TCK format.

Tag: v0.2.0

Branch: ‘Trunk’
by Daniel Hadad on 24-Feb-2014 17:22PM

Added NEXUS_CONFIG option tdo_strobe to support only strobing TDO when TCK is in a certain state, for when tck_multiple > 1 (TCK spans multiple tester cycles). Default is to strobe TDO when TCK is high.

Tag: v0.1.1

Branch: ‘Trunk’
by Daniel Hadad on 20-Feb-2014 15:52PM

Updated to use v0.7.1 which corrects properly handling of TCK formatting for jtag.shift method.

Tag: v0.1.0

Branch: ‘Trunk’
by Daniel Hadad on 19-Feb-2014 16:15PM

Added ability to modify how Nexus plugin works via NEXUS_CONFIG hash defined in DUT model.

Added ability to modify TCLK timing format and the # of cycles TCLK spans for cases where TCLK needs to run at a fraction of another clock pin. Assumes 50% duty cycle.

To use update NEXUS_CONFIG in DUT model, e.g.

    :tclk_format => :rl,
    :tclk_multiple => 4,
    :once_ocmd_width => 10,
    :once_nexus_access_instr => 0b0001111100,
    :once_bypass_instr => 0b0001111111,
    :nexus_command_width => 8

Added links to the API docs on the website.

Tag: v0.0.0.dev3

Branch: ‘Trunk’
by Daniel Hadad on 24-Sep-2013 15:51PM

Added block mode read/write access. Visually checked, not yet checked on tester.

See website for more info.

Tag: v0.0.0.dev2

Branch: ‘Trunk’
by Daniel Hadad on 04-Sep-2013 11:42AM

Updated to natively use read, overlay and store capability built in to register class. Added better support for undefined registers. Updated to pass messages/comments on to JTAG plug-in. Updated to use JTAG v0.5.1 and RGen core v2.0.1.dev103.

Tag: v0.0.0.dev1

Branch: ‘Trunk’
by Daniel Hadad on 23-Aug-2013 16:35PM

New Nexus Library!