Legacy Integration

The following approach to adding an JTAG driver is still supported, however new projects should use the new style integration as described on the home page.

Include the OrigenJTAG module to add a JTAG driver to your class and define the required pins. Normally the pins would be an alias to existing DUT pins and therefore the JTAG driver module cannot assume them.

Including the module adds a jtag method which will return an instance of OrigenJTAG::Driver.

Here is an example integration:

class MyApp::MyDUT
  include Origen::TopLevel
  include OrigenJTAG

  # TCK covers 4 tester cycles, 2 high then 2 low for each effective TCK pulse
  # Strobe TDO only when TCK high.  Only store TDO on last cycle (3)
    :tck_format => :rl,
    :tck_multiple => 4,
    :tdo_strobe => :tck_high,
    :tdo_store_cycle => 3,

  def initialize
    add_pin :tck
    add_pin :tdi
    add_pin :tdo
    add_pin :tms

MyApp::MyDUT.new.jtag  # => An instance of OrigenJTAG::Driver