Tag: v1.3.0

Branch: ‘master’
by Chris Hume on 25-May-2021 12:49PM

Resolved bit numbering expectations on spec tests for :msb0 vs :lsb0 to align with Origen Core updates. Fixed IP-XACT importer to allow passing of options hash. Transitioned from Travis CI to Github Actions for spec testing.

Tag: v1.2.3

Branch: ‘master’
by Chris Hume on 26-Sep-2019 10:09AM

Updated IP-XACT export examples and usage explanations.

Tag: v1.2.2

Branch: ‘master’
by Chris Hume on 13-Feb-2019 09:53AM

Updated to_ipxact to allow for proper export of top-level registers (ex: models with no sub-blocks). Added :addr_block_name to options hash to allow setting an addressBlock name in the XML output for this scenario. Also added a multi-bit :div reg to MCLKDIV register in dut.rb to improve testing coverage.

Tag: v1.2.1

Branch: ‘master’
by Chris Hume on 16-Jan-2019 09:21AM

Fixed Issue #8 - IP-XACT import now correctly imports a register’s reset value from XML if no reset mask is defined. Added a test case to specs to cover this scenario and issue a warning if a reset is defined without an accompanying reset value.

Tag: v1.2.0

Branch: ‘master’
by Stephen McGinty on 13-Dec-2018 09:35AM

Expanded to_ipxact to include 1685-2009 schema, corrected several export issues, and updated import to handle 1685-2009 schema (mainly register R/W access types). Expanded spec tests to cover all register access types supported by Origen core and each supported schema. (Chris Hume)

Updated to v0.38.0 of Origen core, which includes fixes for read/write-only conditions on some register access types and opens the Origen::Registers::Bit.const_get(ACCESS_CODES) hash up for visibility.

When exporting, the default schema is Spirit 1.4, but 1685-2009 can be chosen by adding schema: '1685-2009' to the ‘to_ipxact’ call. Also added support on IP-XACT export to set a memory map name (:mmap_name), vendor (:vendor), id, name, memory map reference (:mmap_ref), and AMBA3 bus interface declaration (bus_interface: 'AMBA3' is the only supported bus type at this time). An example export template would be:

dut.to_ip_xact format:        :uvm,
               schema:        '1685-2009',
               mmap_name:     'RegisterMap',
               vendor:        'origen-sdk.org',
               library:       'id',
               name:          'ipxact',
               mmap_ref:      'test',
               bus_interface: 'AMBA3'

Tag: v1.1.0

Branch: ‘master’
by Stephen McGinty on 11-May-2018 06:52AM

Bumped the version of the sanitize gem dependency, having libxml version issues with the old one

Tag: v1.0.0

Branch: ‘master’
by Stephen McGinty on 16-Mar-2018 11:55AM
  • Removed the Origen format export option since Origen core now provides native import/export

  • All current importers (IP-XACT and CMSIS-SVD) have been updated to leverage the Origen import/export APIs to automatically store the imported data locally in Origen format, giving very fast application boot times after the initial import is done. See here for more: https://origen-sdk.org/cross_origen/#Data_Import

  • Various improvements to the IP-XACT and CMSIS-SVD importers

Tag: v0.7.0

Branch: ‘master’
by Stephen McGinty on 06-Jun-2017 10:35AM

Added option to the Origen export format to render the model as a sub-block rather than a top-level itself, thus allowing it to be instantiated by another top-level class (Brian Caquelin)

Tag: v0.6.1

Branch: ‘master’
by Stephen McGinty on 04-Apr-2016 15:01PM

Added reg and bit description importing to IP-XACT importer

Tag: v0.6.0

Branch: ‘master’
by Stephen McGinty on 04-Apr-2016 12:21PM

Added ability for IP-XACT to export/import individual sub-blocks

Tag: v0.5.0

Branch: ‘master’
by Stephen McGinty on 06-Aug-2015 11:47AM

Initial public release